Westchester Chamber Soloists

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Meet Our Musicians

Click on individual musician links below for performers' Bio Profiles (last update: 7-Mar-2020).

Westchester Chamber Soloists is comprised of approximately 30 musicians with a range of educational and professional backgrounds. Most are career performing musicians with affiliations to other leading symphonies, opera orchestras, conservatories, theater groups and/or elite chamber ensembles, all with advanced degrees from the nation's and world's leading music academies, many of whom also provide instruction either privately or at highly regarded conservatories/schools. Others represent a range of other professions including medicine / healthcare, pharmaceuticals, law, finance and insurance, science, technology, energy, education, pharmaceuticals, artist management and other fields – but all of them seasoned solo and/or ensemble performers, including with leadership roles at other musical organizations, and many of whom also hold pre-college, university and/or graduate-level degrees or diplomas in music. Uniting all WCS members is a singular passion for sharing fine music with attentive audiences in the spirit of community and cultural enrichment.


Kate Ashby

Shawn Barnett

Larissa Blitz

Joshua Daniels

Lori Horowitz

April Johnson

Lucie Onderwyzer

Silvia Padegs-Grendze

Robert Plotkin

Kathleen Thomson


Liz Nilsen-Baumwoll

Katherine Sinsabaugh

Yasmine Tetenbaum


Jonathan Kantor

Lisa Olsson

Sachi Patitucci

Lauren Rigby


John Patitucci



Yolanda F. Johnson


Alan Murray


Wendy Kerner

Oboe / English Horn

Dorothy Darlington

Amy Wierenga


Alan Schaffer


Rosemary Dellinger

Charles McCracken


Kelly Oram

John Reid

Flute / Piccolo

Amy Hersh

Teresa Wager


Victoria Dine

Marc Wager


Paul Geidel

Timpani / Percussion

Barbara Allen