Westchester Chamber Soloists

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Meet Our Musicians

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NOTE: Bio profiles on this roster were last updated on 7-Mar-2020; List includes founding members (a few of whom may no longer be active) as well as others who have performed in WCS-led events at or since our Debut; Active Performer List and Bio Profiles will be updated in October 2022.

Westchester Chamber Soloists is comprised of approximately 35 musicians with a range of educational and professional backgrounds. Most are career performing musicians with affiliations to other leading symphonies, opera orchestras, conservatories, theater groups and/or elite chamber ensembles, many with advanced degrees from the nation's and world's leading music academies, and many of whom also provide instruction either privately or at highly regarded conservatories/schools.  Others represent a range of other professions including medicine / healthcare, finance and insurance, law, pharmaceuticals, science, technology, energy, education, arts/artist management and other fields – but all of them seasoned solo and/or ensemble performers.  Uniting all WCS members is a singular passion for sharing fine chamber and orchestral music with attentive audiences in the spirit of community and cultural enrichment.

  (* members of the WCS Leadership Team and Board of Directors; ** WCS Founder and Executive Director)



Kate Ashby*

Shawn Barnett

Larissa Blitz

Joshua Daniels

Lori Horowitz*

April Johnson

Lucie Onderwyzer

Silvia Padegs-Grendze

Robert Plotkin

Kathleen Thomson

Joyce Balint

Rebecca Eckfeld

Robert Lawrence 

Laura Macbeth


Liz Nilsen-Baumwoll

Katherine Sinsabaugh

Yasmine Tetenbaum

Monica Gerard


Jonathan Kantor*

Lisa Olsson

Sachi Patitucci

Lauren Rigby

Daniel Hoppe

Seth Jacobs 

Bernard Tamosaitis


John Patitucci

William Eckfeld



Yolanda F. Johnson


Alan Murray**


Wendy Kerner

Oboe / English Horn

Dorothy Darlington

Amy Wierenga*


Alan Schaffer

Enid Blount Press


Rosemary Dellinger

Charles McCracken

Thomas Sefcovic


Kelly Oram

John Reid

Flute / Piccolo

Amy Hersh

Teresa Wager


Victoria Dine

Marc Wager

Peter Huitzacua


Paul Geidel

Roy Victor

Timpani / Percussion

Barbara Allen

Conductors / Ensemble Pro-Coaches for the '2022-23 Season:  TBA