Westchester Chamber Soloists

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Our Mission & Community Support


First-Class Chamber & Orchestral Music for the Community: Our core mission is to bring the finest quality orchestral and chamber ensemble music to the colleges, institutions and other venues where we perform and to their surrounding communities.

Community Involvement & Relationship-building: As an integral part of our musical mission, WCS seeks to establish sustainable relationships - anchored in the very highest quality music-making - with the community across Westchester County and in neighboring areas, and with the educational and cultural institutions at which it performs.  We are committed to notion of sustainability and ethical treatment, in both the musical and broadest possible contexts.  The group seeks to establish part-time 'residencies' with these institutions - not in a formal sense, but rather in a spirit of give-and-take with the institution, its students and faculty, and with its surrounding communities, throughout Westchester County and beyond. Toward this end, WCS offers an array of ancillary but informal resources to institutions seeking such a relationship, including but not limited to offering the following:

  • Cooperative Arrangements with Higher Educational Institutions: small number of performance seats available to faculty and advanced students, creating a sustainable bridge between WCS, the institution and its community.
  • 'Meet the Artists' Interviews and Q&A Sessions during Concert intermissions: for audience members during intermission or immediately preceding the performance.
  • Workshops & Seminars: WCS members available for chamber ensemble and orchestra workshops, incl. discussions regarding careers in music and balancing Music/Arts with demands of outside careers.

For additional information on WCS's activities, or to explore establishing a connection to our organization, please email us at WCSoloists@gmail.com


NOTE: As of September-October 2022, WCS is in process of applying for not-for-profit status at both the Federal and NY State level. Until such status is granted, however, we will not accept donations.

Members of WCS currently perform without remuneration, despite their overall professional caliber, the sole mission being to provide the finest quality orchestral music to the colleges, institutions and other venues where we perform and to their surrounding communities. Through ticket sales, where permissible, we seek to recoup our core expenses for venue rentals, instrument carting/rental and tuning, insurance, video recording and website development, not-for-profit registration, transportation, program printing and other essential administrative costs, and we also envision such revenues being sufficient to remunerate our performers at some time in the future. 

Click here for our Contact, Mission and Contribution Form

Contribution level designations on an annual/annualized basis are as follows:

   Friend ($100+)            Supporter ($250+)     Sustainer ($500+)      Benefactor ($750+)

   Leadership Circle:     Silver ($1,000+)         Gold ($2,500+)           Platinum ($5,000+)

Leadership Circle contributors and Corporate Sponsors at or above the $2,500 annual contribution level are entitled to complementary season tickets; Gold and Platinum contribution levels entitle the contributor to a complementary private WCS chamber ensemble performance.

NOTE: The name 'Westchester Chamber Soloists' is a registered trademark in the State of New York.