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RiverArts 2018 Annual Music Tour
  June 2; Noon-8:00pm at Studio Hollywood
BEETHOVEN: The Sonatas for Violin & Piano, Cello & Piano, 'Archduke' Trio
Free admission / Open to the public / Seating for up to 50 Guests / Refreshments served / Wheelchair accessible
Location: 41 Hollywood Drive, Hastings-on-Hudson / Pinted Programs available with Notes and Performer Bios
Violinists: Kate Ashby, Joyce Balint, Larissa Blitz, Barbara Carlsen, Samuel Cohen, Silvia Padegs Grendze, Lori Horowitz, Jill Schultz
Cellists: Erika Boras-Tesi, Seth Jacobs, Teresa Kubiak and Lisa Olsson
Pianist: Alan Murray
Session 1: Noon-1pm 
Sonata No. 1 for Violin & Piano in D major (Barbara Carlsen, violin)
Sonata No. 1 for Cello & Piano in F major (Erika Boras-Tesi, cello)
Session 2: 1pm-2pm
Sonata No. 2 for Violin & Piano in A major (Joyce Balint, violin)
Sonata No. 2 for Cello & Piano in G minor (Erika Boras-Tesi, cello)
Sonata No. 3 for Violin & Piano in E-flat major (Samuel Cohen, violin)
Session 3: 2pm-3pm
Sonata No. 3 for Cello & Piano in A major (Teresa Kubiak, cello)
Sonata No. 4 for Violin & Piano in A minor (Joyce Balint, violin)
Session 4: 3pm-4pm
Sonata No. 5 for Violin & Piano ("Spring") in F major (Kate Ashby, violin) 
Sonata No. 6 for Violin & Piano in A major (Lori Horowitz, violin)
Session 5: 4pm-5pm
Sonata No. 7 for Violin & Piano in C minor (Lori Horowitz, violin)
Sonata No. 8 for Violin & Piano in G major (Jill Schultz, violin)
Session 6: 5pm-6pm
Sonata No. 4 for Cello & Piano in C major (Lisa Olsson, cello) 
Sonata No. 9 for Violin & Piano ("Kreutzer") in A major (Samuel Cohen, violin)
Session 7: 6pm-7pm
Sonata No. 5 for Cello & Piano in D major (Seth Jacobs, cello)
Sonata No. 10 for Violin & Piano in G major (Larissa Blitz, violin)
Session 8: 7pm-8pm
"Archduke" Trio (Erika Boras-Tesi (cello); Silvia Padegs Grendze (violin))

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